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Journal For A Spiritual Warrior: EXPANDED EDITION
Journal For A Spiritual Warrior: EXPANDED EDITION
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(To order in India, write to: info@SatPub.net)
A powerful tool for daily self-evaluation of one's progress on the yoga path.  Contains 33 questions to measure one's ongoing attainment and ascension, accompanied by Swamiji's commentary on the principles of the Bhagavad Gita that apply to each question, and how to apply the principles to life.  "This diary served me as a living document throughout my journey as a seeker.  It was my constant companion in my solitary march to the goal.  By sincerely following this and noting my failures, I found the secret path to success in yoga." -Swami Sri Atmananda

Note: these are different questions of a different depth than appear in Test Your Attainment.