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Collaborate with the Mother.
Collaborate with the Mother.
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Audio CD with read-along booklet. A spoken Interaction with Swami Sri Atmananda, of timely significance and eternal importance, delivering a call to action and addressing the global situation and the expansion of consciousness. 1 hour. Excerpts: "Mother nature is now desperately striving and is calling for help from her children. Collaborate with the Mother. Retain your aspiration, even while you are struggling on your desire plane; release the force of your aspiration and the support from mother nature will come to you. Immediately it will help you to transcend your desire and you will become a pure instrument..." "The human civilization and the evolutionary cycle is passing through a great crisis. Mankind is now standing at the threshold..." "Try to listen this inner voice and strive to collaborate with mother nature..." *Kindly note: recording is professionally edited but sound is not full professional quality, and includes the ambiance of an Indian Ashram. **CD and cover graphics may differ from those shown here.